Work For Hire Agreement For Musicians

« If you`re meeting with the WFH for the first time in your career, I highly recommend that you get a lawyer review quickly just to make sure you understand what the agreement says and that everything in your situation makes sense, » Kattwinkel says. « Once you`ve had a first experience with the WFH, you`ll be informed enough to understand the next form, and you`ll also have enough information to know when something is disruptive and requires more investigation. » 1. A statement that, although the producer is an independent contractor, the producer is considered a « rental employee » within the meaning of copyright law. This means that the employer who owns the master can do whatever he wants (change, sell, etc.) without the employee`s permission. When working with our clients to help them understand the legal and practical implications of an WFH clause, our lawyers explain both the legal and practical implications. For example, most WFH music clauses include a copyright transfer clause in the event that the work is considered unleased. The reason for the wording of the assignment comes from the history of the Copyright Act and Supreme Court decisions. The practical implications that a work is a work made for rental, as opposed to a transfer of copyright, are very important because an author can recover his copyright for a transfer, but not for a work made for rental. The best news is that you don`t need to contact a lawyer via a keyboard or take a slave to get your hands on a job that is worthwhile for the lease.

Many templates are available online from sites such as or Docracy. Instead of an WFH agreement where the author and is snatched from the property, the music can be rented for x time and dollars and the author retains ownership AND after the term is over, do we separate and the author retains his intellectual property? To me, it sounds like another scam for people who can`t write music, and then these WFH clowns and lawyers come and create what seems to me to be a scam and a way to adopt original music for SPIT! Note: This is a model agreement that may not apply to your particular situation. Always ask an experienced music lawyer to review your chords before using them. It went into detail. A contract of employment for remuneration is a contract between you and another party that dictates what is expected of each party and retains what rights to the finished material. In addition, an employment contract is often accompanied by the transfer of rights to the creative material to the other party, hence the « work for rent ». But before we start shouting about creative licenses, we want to assure you that these types of contracts don`t deprive you of their hard work. In fact, as a beneficiary artist, this type of contract can ensure you have a fair salary to complete the project, whether you`re writing a song for another artist, working together, or performing a self-directed performance. Since projects and ideas are often passed back and forth, it`s important that you have one of these contracts to cover your fundamentals. The lease clarifies what each party is responsible for and ensures that you get paid. 5.

The artist shall use his best care to appoint the musician as the performer on the recordings here contained herein if such recordings are offered for sale to the public and shall place the musician`s name on the cover, cover, cover or insert of the recording as part of a list of musical works. No accidental or accidental failure by the Artist or any third party to extend the required credit herein shall be deemed a breach of this Agreement. Here are some tips from Linda Joy Kattwinkel, the San Francisco music lawyer, on how to make such situations work as well as possible and how to navigate the often intimidating world of the WFH. .