25.1 Subject And Verb Agreement Answers Prentice Hall

1 We will simply continue Please fill the gaps with the simple present or the continuous verb forms available in parentheses. 1. Samantha usually (drink) a cup of coffee in Exercise 2 Make themes in accordance with her verbs. Write the verb from parentheses that match the theme of each sentence. Singular and plural subjects A singular subject must have a singular verb. A plural subject must have a plural verb. An expression or clause that interrupts a subject and its verb does not affect the reference agreement. Exercise 2 Compound themes correspond to their verbs in sentences. Write a sentence for each compound theme to make sure the recomposed subject and verb match. Composite Topics A singular subject follows or takes a singular verb. A plural subject after or takes a plural verb. Composite topics bound by a plural verb and taking a plural verb, unless they are considered a thing or modified by anyone or anyone. 1 25.1 Accord of subject and verb (number, singular and plural) Practice 1 Number: the singular and plural number refers to the two forms of a word: the singular and the plural.

The singular words give one; The plural words indicate more than one. NUMBER OF MOTS Part of the singular singular speech or plural plural plural singular or plural nomadic baby fish toys children Elche Pronomen I, he, he, he, he, it, she, she Verben Travel (I, we, they) Travel went (I, you, us, they) is on, is, is, was, was, was, us, us, they – were singular subjects A plural subject must have a plural verb. A sentence or clause that interrupts a subject and its verb does not affect the subject-verb chord. Singular SUBJECT-VERB AGREEMENT Pluriel You like to read secrets. There`s a box of cookies in the closet. This fish has unusual colors. We just missed the bus. Two packs of books are missing.

These fish have long whisker hairs. Exercise 1 Determine the number of words. Label each word below as sing. (Singular), plur. (Pluriel) or both. Example: both 1. Potatoes 6 as 2 are 7. Women 3. Reder 8. Number four. Defendant 9.

Amused 5. 10. Exercise 2 has been given, themes and verbs agree.

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