Nanny Work Agreement Example

Terms: Kim will start on September 1 and work for a year, unless it is extended by mutual agreement. If one of the parties were to violate this contract, both parties agree to a delay of at least two weeks; However, if Kim ends for reasons or concerns about the child`s safety or for non-compliance with the internal regulations, the Smith family reserves the right to terminate him without recourse or severance pay. The first statement of this document will be used to commit the agreement reached with the two parties that will enter into this agreement. This requires only a few basic information beginning with the date of the timing of this agreement. Note this as a day, a month and a double-digit year in the first, second and third empty lines of the « I. Parties » statement. Then, the employer who intends to hire the nanny with these papers will have a separate area where her identity and contact information will have to be displayed. Find the word « employer » in bold, then enter the full name of the person or entity the nanny hires into the empty space. Continue this statement by indicating the employer`s building/street number, PO. Box, etc.

to the second available line, the city for that address to the third room and its condition to the fourth state. After identifying the employer, you must attach the nanny`s information. To do this, you will find the first line associated with the « Nanny » fatty label, and then enter the full name of the person who works for the employer above according to the conditions we will define later. In addition, the address of the nanny in this area must be documented. Produce its street address, city and state through the next three empty lines. On the second point of this treaty, we will continue to consider when the declarations of this agreement will apply to both parties. The first two empty spaces (in « TERME II ») require the first work schedule date for the nanny. This presentation must be created in months and double digits in the first line and the corresponding year in the second line. The second part of this article contains two statements in which a selection must be made.

You need to activate the box based on the sentence describing exactly how both parties want this command to be completed positively. If a set schedule date can be determined and the exact date can be set, that working relationship ends when you mark the first box to see in this section (for which you must provide that date).

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