Washington State Commercial Lease Agreement Form

During the duration of this rent, the tenant has the non-exclusive use of the non-exclusive use of the non-exclusive use of unreserved common car parks, entrances and footpaths, subject to rules and regulations for their use, as prescribed from time to time by the owner. The landlord reserves the right to designate a car park inside or near the building suitable for tenants and tenants` representatives and employees. The tenant must make available to the owner a list of all the license numbers for the tenant`s vehicles, his representatives and collaborators. Separate parking spaces, if any, around the building are reserved for building tenants who rent such parking fees. Tenants rent through this tenancy by the landlord – The tenant has a monthly rent of – The tenant has a monthly rent for the duration of the rent and payable each month without application at the time of payment of other monthly rents, in addition to these other rents. The lessor must pay, before the offender, all general property taxes and special tax payments payable on rental land during the term of the tenancy as well as all personal property taxes relating to the owner`s personal property, if any, on the leased land. The tenant is responsible for the payment of all personal property taxes relating to the tenant`s personal property in the rental premises. Has. The tenant pays the landlord during the initial rent of ` Each staggered payment is made to the landlord on the first day of each calendar month during the duration of the tenancy at the address – The amount of rent for all months of the tenancy period is charged pro-rata. The tenant will also pay the lessor a « security deposit » of an amount of – This part of the rental agreement indicates the amount of the money in the form of a deposit and the conditions for the return of the deposit. This is an essential part of the lease. It sets the duration of the lease, the terms of the renewal of the lease, the date and the process of renewal or termination of the lease. The lease may be temporary or periodic.

These two leases differ in a different way. The fixed-term lease has an end date and does not require termination of the lease.

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