Ut Tyler Preceptor Agreement

1 Florida State University College of Nuring Preceptor Training Handbook 2 Content Table Letter to Teachers 3 Preceptor Training. 4 Vision and vision of the FSU. 5 CON Mission and report 10 current course objectives and learning outcomes and be able to explain them to their teacher. In addition, the student must identify specific goals for the day`s clinical experience. This should be negotiated with the teacher, as well as planning. An example of such negotiations could be (z.B., Student I think I now feel comfortable gathering information in order to arrive at a first differential diagnosis with patients who come to the clinic for frequent upper respiratory problems. I will start with this type of assessment before you see the patient. I would like to present my results and my differential diagnosis, and then have you confirmed from today, if necessary, with this type of patient. Preceptor S Answer Well, I`m pretty happy with the way we`ve worked with you and I observe and discuss the results, the differences, and the treatment. But I understand your need to increase your independence, so let`s try. ). Evidence-based Practical Guidelines Advanced Practice Nurses` success is its ability to provide care based on current practical guidelines for decision-making. To this end, students are expected to identify and locate practical standards that are readily available and evidence-based.

Students in the program must subscribe to UpToDate. You can expect your student to discuss these guidelines with you. In addition to negotiations, the student must acquire specialized skills and knowledge in interdisciplinary cooperation and placement. The student is expected to practice both collaboration, referral or indicate to the teacher if he or she feels it is appropriate for patient management. Documentation of Clinical Learning Experiences An important learning activity that each student has concluded is their clinical protocol. The main documentation method that the student will use is the Typhoon program for immediate access and recording of each patient and the student`s clinical experience. A summary of the students` clinical experience and the results obtained during the clinical experience varies according to the course. In each course, the student is responsible for recording his clinical experiences and making available to his member of the clinical faculty a summary of his documentation. Each course program contains specific documentation requirements. Faculty Member The Faculty assumes overall responsibility for a course, including the clinical component. In some courses, this responsibility may be shared among or among several faculty members. 10 11 However, a faculty member is found responsible for the student`s clinical experience.

This faculty member works closely with students and teachers to help students achieve the course`s goals. The faculty and staff of UTT CON ensure that institutional contracts on individual receptor affiliations and agreements are concluded prior to enrollment of the students` clinical experience.

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