Voluntary Conservation Agreement Queensland

They do not have to choose between productivity and conservation, because an agreement on the protection of nature can be negotiated to allow the continued exploitation of the country, which leads to environmental sustainability and economic sustainability. A non-binding entry level agreement, which provides information and assistance for the recovery of the bush country. Like the conservation agreements, nature protection agreements are binding agreements negotiated between the owner and the state. The agreement provides the framework for protecting the country`s conservation values. Conservation agreements exist in the long term and bind all future landowners to their terms. They can only be revoked by a resolution of the Legislative Assembly of Parliament. It is the same process as the revocation of a national park. This should only be done if it promotes the conservation of the country, as the country`s dedication to a state national park. Nature protection agreements are binding agreements that are in progress with the land and are inscribed on the title.

This means that all owners or Pesse are bound by the terms of the agreement. The endumrity of the agreements ensures that good land management practices and conservation work continue when future generations or new owners take over the business. The department works mainly with landowners targeted by its priority programs. An area is generally targeted for a nature reserve, based on an assessment by a nature reducer official, which takes into account the state of the country, current land use and management practices, and proposed future uses. The conservation officer will also determine whether a property is in line with the current conservation priorities of the nature reserve program. If you feel that your property meets these criteria and are interested in a voluntary conservation agreement, contact a nature conservation partner at conservationpartnerships@goldcoast.qld.gov.au or 07 5582 8834. If you would like to know more about the program or if your property is justified, please contact a Conservation Partner agent through the Council`s Customer Assistance Centre. More than half of Brisbane`s wildlife habitat is on private land. This is essential for the survival and preservation of our native wildlife. Brisbane City Council supports landowners who join Brisbane City Council`s Wildlife Conservation Program (WCPP).

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