Alimony Agreement Nc

An important exception is the rule that support ends with the remarriage of the dependent spouse. Sometimes the parties enter into a comprehensive settlement agreement defining their property rights and their rights of assistance to spouses. If the provisions on the distribution of assets and maintenance are integrated or interdependent, the maintenance system cannot be terminated in the event of remarriage. For example, a woman might give up a valuable property right in exchange for the income stream offered by maintenance. This income stream cannot then be interrupted in the event of remarriage, as it was a negotiated right. If you have any questions about alimony, contact our experienced divorce lawyers at Myers Law Firm. We meet you to learn more about your situation and give you simple tips on what to do next. If one of the spouses participated in marital faults during the marriage, the court considers this to be part of the grounds for maintenance in NC. The intention of the parties is interpreted by a court and is applied when the dependent spouse brings an action for breach of an unregized maintenance contract.

A particular benefit or compensation may be awarded by the Tribunal, in so far as this is appropriate to the facts of the case. Maintenance legislation since the early 1990s has mainly been a response to widespread criticism of aid paid over the past two decades, especially after longer marriages. This legislation is the « new wave » of maintenance reform. The modification or termination of a North Carolina executive order that grants support, whether filed after the competition or after approval, is considered in a substantive application and in the evidence by one of the parties of modified circumstances. (In accordance with the UIFSA, which has been discussed above in the context of family allowances, North Carolina cannot change a support order made by a court in another state. Under our UIFSA act, a spousal support order can only be amended by the state that issued the original support order, whether or not that state has adopted the UIFSA.) Generally speaking, longer marriages result in longer alimony. . . .

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