Board Resolution For Signing Joint Venture Agreement

Draft decision of the Board of Directors Has DECIDED that the undertaking would have entered into a joint venture agreement (« agreement ») with ___ 2. For the performance of the power required in all matters relating to or relating to the contract or the exit from the Treaty. 3. Representation of the company in all matters related to or related to the contract or the exit from the contract. FURTHER DECIDED that the joint seal of the Company shall, if necessary in the presence of Mr. ___ EN OUTRE DÉCIDÉ QUE M. [●] [[●]] [name and designation of authorized representative] of the company, and has the right to sign and execute with any party, person or competent authority, if necessary, all contracts/agreements/other documents on behalf of the company with respect to the performance of the company`s activities, to the extent necessary or necessary, and to sign and execute all modifications agreed thereto and to do all things related thereto and that such contracts and/or agreements are binding on the company. « Can anyone publish a board decision regarding a joint venture of Indian Public Ltd. Company with Foreign Company (Its an International Joint Venture)? His!!! . .

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