Caravan Storage Agreement Template

The owner of the unit may terminate this contract by terminating C.C.S. at least 30 days in advance and paying to C.C.S. all amounts due until the expiry of the notice period. In the event of an outstanding storage fee, C.C.S. may retain ownership (deposit) until the arrears are fully settled or otherwise settled. C.C.S. undertakes to declare the property by way of admission. All personal items and valuables must be removed from the caravan and the windows and doors remain closed during the time on site There is no refund of storage costs during the holiday with the unit. Payment of all storage fees for the unit must have been charged prior to the expropriation of the C.C.S. unit, and C.C.S. retains a right of pledge per unit for unpaid accounts. C.C.S.

reserves the right to change storage fees at any time, but will not apply them to device owners until the expiration of their paid retention period. If, after a warning, the owner does not repair the offending objects within 28 days, he is asked to remove his device from the warehouse. This agreement includes the storage of the unit at Cotswold Caravan Storage Glos `C.C.S`. for the specified initial storage period and all other extensions. Any change in the data provided by the owner of the unit must be notified immediately to C.C.S. All units are stored at the owner`s risk and are not insured by C.C.S.C.C S. acts at all times with due diligence to protect the unit from loss or damage while in the warehouse or C.C.S. However, it is not liable for any loss or damage suffered, unless it results from a breach of their obligations. The owner of the unit undertakes to insure the unit and contents at his own expense and to maintain the unit at the level they need. It is the responsibility of the unit owner to inform C.C.S.

when a safety device needs to be fitted to the unit. . . .

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