Reciprocal Health Agreement Guernsey

« A mutual health agreement between the Isle of Man and Guernsey was an obvious next step after the creation of Air Bridge. Guernsey has a thriving natural health community that is reflected in its wide range of specialists on the island. All medical care provided to overseas visitors to Guernsey is currently charged. There are 3 general practice partnerships in Guernsey with a series of operations. Visits to family doctors must be paid for by you directly or through the health insurance funds. The partnerships in the field of health are: Healthcare Group Guernsey, Queen`s Road Medical Practice and Island Health. No one wants access to emergency medical care during the holidays, but it will give travelers who want to visit one of the two islands the certainty that they will be able to access the essential services they need at no cost. « The agreement does not cover family doctor`s appointments, dentists or emergency services that remain chargeable if they are needed by a person. Grace and David Rihoy, both 78 living in Northamptonshire, visited relatives in Guernsey and ended up paying almost £800 in health insurance for Mrs Rihoy, Mrs Rihoy, who suffers from cancer.

According to the agreement, residents of the Isle of Man will not be subject to charges for emergency care in hospital and the necessary care that will follow after their presence in the emergency room. The agreement does not cover family doctor`s appointments, dentists or emergency services that remain chargeable when needed by a person. Travelers still need travel insurance and health insurance to cover health care costs that are not covered by the mutual health agreement, including returns. Towards the end of last year, representatives of the committee met with officials from the UK Department of Health and Social Care on the possibility of creating a new mutual health agreement between Guernsey and the UK. The meeting was positive and the British representatives were sensitive to the concerns of our island and the benefits for Britons who wish to visit Guernsey. David Ashford, The Isle of Man Health Minister, said the deal was a « progressive step towards the mutual benefit of our people ». Health officials in Guernsey and the Isle of Man have reached an agreement « in principle » to establish a mutual health agreement between Guernsey and the Isle of Man for the duration of the commissioning of the current « Air Bridge ». We recognise that the UK`s priority at the moment is Brexit and that health agreements with other European countries are part of this picture. We also recognise that a new mutual health agreement would most likely entail costs for Guernsey, which should be acceptable to the Committee on Health and Social Affairs and the States. Will Guernsey ever consider a return to mutual agreements, as Jersey did after the initial exit? In the meantime, I think a visit to Guernsey is not an option for many people. Boats, in particular, don`t tend to take out annual travel insurance, as they spend all their time and money on their boats, so I think you`re missing out on a big market, especially people on the south coast who can travel easily by ferry even during the winter holidays. Both islands have been without confirmed cases of Covid 19 for some time.

However, travelers still need travel insurance and health care to cover all costs incurred by health services not included in the agreement, including repatriation, ambulance services, family doctor appointments, and dental care. . . .

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